Lindsay Locatelli

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lindsay Locatelli grew up in a family of artists who ranged from a clothing designer, musician, painter, illustrator, potter and furniture maker. Naturally, she began her artistic path at an early age and experimented in many mediums. Locatelli would later go on to graduate in 2009 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Furniture Design.

Following college, Locatelli moved to New Mexico to immerse herself in the Southwest. Living in cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos, she fell in love with the vibrant landscapes and began to pull from visual cues such as jagged mountainscapes, sun bleached bones, to exotic cacti forms and natural textures. Her work transitioned from larger functional furniture to mobile bodies of art and small sculptures that can be worn on the body. Today, Locatelli continues to be interested in recreating these ideas and engaging her audience through adorning the body and tactile experiences of wearing the work.

Lindsay Locatelli now lives in Longmont, Colorado and works within her home studio. Her pieces are created solely by hand by using a wide variety of materials and techniques, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Locatelli’s processes include the hand fabrication of silver components, sculpting and carving of materials (wood and polymer clay), surface finishing (painting, application of gold leaf), and the assembling and completion of the work.


I'm drawn to creating contemporary art jewelry highlighting nature's bold spirit and kinetic presence. Artistic visual cues range from the Southwestern's boundless sun-drenched blue skies, contrasting mountain-scapes, scaffolding cactus skeletons, bleached bones to neon desert blossoms. Wearing the work activates a tactile experience and animates these ideas as an adornment. My jewelry largely becomes mobile bodies of wearable art; inviting the view to interact as the user and observer.

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